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March 16, 2017 • HV/HP Testing / 高压/高能试验

1995年INMR公布了其创刊号全球目录的HV / HP实验室,虽然覆盖20年前大多数大型检测机构仍然存在,许多人都改变了他们的名字,所有权或经营策略。更重要的是,实验室测试的整个领域本身发生根本性变化 - 从一个狭义提供的服务集中到一个地方大多是客户群之一,旨在为在全球各地客户提供广泛的专业知识和技术上的支持。
这种发展背后的驱动力反映重组的电力行业,它本身也变得更加国际化,更加专注于可靠性和成本,并越来越多地依赖于外部的专业知识,以满足不断变化的网络需求。 这对于为实验室检测行业意味着什么呢? 当然,这意味着大量的机会仍然存在增长。但它也意味着更激烈的竞争。在这样的环境中,各个实验室将必须更紧密地确定他们的业务和更好地识别哪些需要它们是唯一有资格以满足自己与众不同。
例如,目前出现了越来越多的检测机构,提供培训计划,电力工程师,以补充基本技能,同时也帮助他们成为更加专注于全系统的需求与特定设备的需要。 通过目录和1993年以来的社论报道,INMR已经更好地为统一和确定国际H​​V / HP实验室检测行业做出了贡献。这2015年版是在这个方向又迈进了一步,而这些服务帮助用户精确定位,世界领先的实验室拥有的设备和资源需要,以满足他们不同的测试需求和资源需求。
INMR published its inaugural edition of the WORLDWIDE DIRECTORY OF HV/HP LABORATORIES in 1995. While most large testing institutions covered 20 years ago are still in existence, many have changed their names, ownership or business strategies. Even more important, the entire field of laboratory testing has itself undergone a fundamental change – from one that provided narrowly focused services to a mostly local customer base to one that aims to provide broad expertise and technical support to customers across the globe. The drivers behind this evolution mirror the re-structuring of the power industry, which itself has become more internationally oriented, more focused on reliability and cost and increasingly dependent on external expertise to meet changing network requirements.
What does this mean for the laboratory testing industry?
Of course, it means plenty of opportunity still exists to grow. But it also means more intense competition. In such an environment, individual laboratories will have to more closely define their business and better differentiate themselves by identifying which needs they are uniquely qualified to meet. For example, a growing number of testing institutions these days offer training programs to power engineers to supplement basic skills while also helping them become more focused on system- wide needs versus the needs of particular equipment. Through its Directories and editorial coverage since 1993, INMR has contributed to better unifying and defining the international HV/HP laboratory testing industry. This 2015 Edition is yet another step in this direction while helping users of these services pinpoint which of the world’s leading laboratories have the equipment and resources needed to satisfy their diverse testing needs.


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