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April 22, 2015 • Over head, Photo of the week

在某些国家,如南亚,也有似乎迫使其他地方的经历几十年前的“学习曲线”的重复问题。绝缘子选择在这些国家的公用事业通常是基于经批准的供应商投标看谁有最低的价格。这是因为这些工具大多是公有的,并授权花最低的成本。此外,工程团队在这些工具经常会遇到的困难说服采购部门申请到位最低的购置成本的最低生命周期成本的理念。这是因为他们还没有得到一个坚定的回答到预期寿命的问题。即使是质量最好的绝缘子也有可能在他们已经离开工厂后,在投入服务之前就可能会受到损坏。 事实上,已有关于存储期间的报告称:复合绝缘子损坏的问题很严重(如显然从希腊这家公司的图片中可以看出),这是和寿命周期无关系的概念。例如,绝缘子运输使用木箱,没有额外的保护容易受到啮齿动物的攻击。同样,已经有出现在绝缘体包裹在塑料板或纸箱存放很长时间的情况下,生长出了户外植物的报告。为了实现降低寿命周期成本的潜在好处,如提供的在高污染的服务区的复合绝缘子,这些类型的问题,需要通过更好的包装和处理方法来解决。 In certain countries, such as in south Asia, there are issues that seem to be forcing a repetition of the ‘learning curve’ experienced elsewhere decades ago. Insulator selection by utilities in these countries is usually based on lowest price among the approved suppliers who bid. This is because these utilities are mostly publically owned and mandated to buy at the lowest cost. Moreover, the engineering teams at these utilities often encounter difficulty convincing purchasing departments to apply the concept of lowest life cycle cost in place of lowest acquisition cost. This is because they do not yet have a firm answer to the question of life expectancy. Even the best quality insulators can be damaged after they have left the factory but before being put into service. Indeed, problems with seriously damaged composite insulators have been reported during storage (as evident in this image from a power supply company in Greece) and make meaningless the concept of life cycle. For example, insulators shipped in wooden crates with no additional protection can be vulnerable to rodent attack on sheds. Similarly, there have been reports of biological growths appearing on insulators wrapped in plastic sheets or in cartons stored for long periods outdoors. In order to realize the potential benefits of reduced life cycle costs, as offered by composite insulators in high pollution service areas, these types of issues need to be resolved through better packaging and handling practices. Prof. Ravi S. Gorur Arizona State University


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