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一个33千伏的配电线路/A 33 kV distribution line

July 8, 2015 • Photo of the week

这张照片显示的是什么呢? A 33千伏配电线路设计有一个玻璃盘,以提供额外的绝缘切口和电缆终端。 是在哪里拍照? 此塔靠近突尼斯首都突尼斯古莱比耶镇的一个半岛南部。 说明什么意义? 增加额外的绝缘撑顶组件与自己绝缘看起来是多余的和不必要的附加成本,但正在成为国家实用解决方案,为了与严峻海岸/沙漠环境相结合。例如,已经有来自突尼斯,阿尔及利亚,摩洛哥,埃及,伊朗,阿曼和沙特阿拉伯的网站多达1.4毫克/平方厘米的污染水平的报道。在相当多的这种情况下,NSDD / ESDD比率达到自南非和澳大利亚10类似数据的一个因素证实,这种类型的污染严重程度,北非不是唯一的,在其他地方也存在。然而,这样的污染水平继续下跌超出了IEC 60815标准的最新版本,被认为是污染的范围。 What does the photo show? A 33 kV distribution line is designed with a glass disc to provide extra insulation for cutouts and cable terminations. Where was the photo taken? This tower is located near the town of Kelibia on a peninsula south of the Tunisian capital of Tunis. Why is it interesting? Adding extra insulators to pole-top components with their own insulation may seem redundant and an unnecessary added cost but is becoming a practical solution in countries with a combination severe coastal/desert environment. For example, there have been reports of contamination levels of as much as 1.4 mg/cm2 from sites in Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Oman and Saudi Arabia. In quite a few of these cases, NSDD/ESDD ratios reached a factor of 10. Similar data from South Africa and Australia confirm that this type of pollution severity is not unique to North Africa but also exists elsewhere. Yet such contamination levels continue to fall beyond the contamination ranges considered in the latest version of the IEC 60815 Standard.
一个33千伏的配电线路/A 33 kV distribution line 一个33千伏的配电线路/A 33 kV distribution line 0571




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