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太多闪电导致停电的原因是什么? 用于中国南方电网的EGLA

September 17, 2015 • Photo of the week

在全球的很多地方,闪电对架空输电的可靠性产生不利影响。在中国东南部,例如闪电历来占录HV网络上的所有中断的高达60%。例如,输电线路停运率在繁华的深圳,毗邻香港,在过去每100公里发生率从2.77到3.88不等。 为了减少这种问题的严重程度,当地的工程师走上了计划装备问题的行路段和高暴露塔具有外部缝隙设计(EGLA)线路避雷器。避雷器成为优选的选择,因为,在大多数情况下,对于雷电缓解的替代解决方案并没有考虑实际给予降低在山区的高电阻接地的难度和费用。 为了使该方案最具成本效益的,安装过程开始确定具体线路最危险的,根据以往的雷击数据和相关停运的统计数据。此外,其他因素包括何种程度上塔是容易屏蔽故障或是否有任何可能性,以避免出现问题通过提高绝缘等级,同时仍尊重塔间隙。 Too much lightning cause of outage? EGLA being used in China Southern Power Grid.  In many part of the globe, lightning has an adverse impact on reliability of overhead transmission. In southeastern China, for example, lightning has traditionally accounted for as high as 60 percent of all outages recorded on the HV network. For example, transmission line outage rate in bustling Shenzhen, near to Hong Kong, in the past varied from 2.77 to 3.88 per 100 km. To reduce the extent of this problem, local engineers embarked on a program to equip problematic line sections and highly exposed towers with line arresters having external gap designs (EGLA). Arresters became the preferred choice since, in most cases, alternative solutions for lightning mitigation were not considered practical given the difficulty and expense of lowering the high grounding resistance in mountainous areas. In order to make the program most cost-effective, the installation process began with identifying specific lines most at risk, based on past lightning strike data and related outage statistics. Moreover, other factors included extent to which towers were prone to shielding failure or whether there was any possibility to avoid problems by increasing insulation levels while still respecting tower clearances. Interested to know more? Please read: Utility Reduces Lightning Outages With Line Arrester Investment Program  
photo-of-the-week-oct-28D 停电 太多闪电导致停电的原因是什么? 用于中国南方电网的EGLA photo of the week oct 28D




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